In from The Rain

Recorded by Twmpathology

Video of spiders

The Infinite Selfie on Flickr.The Infinite Selfie

The Infinite Selfie on Flickr.

The Infinite Selfie

The Infinite Selfy on Flickr.

UFO doging an RAF helicopter. Missing cat returns ‘altered’

Tropical butterflies in the Pili Palas Animal World Anglesey, Wales. Music by the Risen Concerns

Real Flying Fairies (by Bruce Hurst aka Zincfreud) Been filming a lot of butterflies, moths as well as other insects this past summer. These creatures were glowing and fast so it’s a bit shaky. Could they be fairies?

UK government sell off the Royal Mail

UK government sell off the Royal Mail

Evening light from Rhosgafan

Evening light from Rhosgafan

waunfawr vermilion fire 3 on Flickr.